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Slice Partner Lawyers give you advice on property documents:
Certificate of Title
Land Information Memorandum
Sale and Purchase Agreement
Kiwisaver application (you need a lawyer to complete your withdrawal)
Homestart Grant

Slice's Home Buyers Package gives you $25 off your Due Diligence package. You choose which three above documents you want reviewed as part of this package. Otherwise you can purchase individual services as Add Ons i.e. Review Cross Lease $320.

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Understand the due diligence process

Ensure your doing the right due diligence required to make such a big investment. We take you through the property docs and all the other steps required to purchase your property with confidence.

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Understand what to look for and when to get help

The amount of documents to look through can be overwhelming. We talk you through the key documentation and help you identify where you require additional advice (i.e. legal, builder)

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Slice Due Diligence


Ensure you are doing everything you can to choose a good investment.

Avoid buying a house with lots of issues

If you don't know what to look for or what tasks you need to complete when researching a property you might end up with a 'lemon'. Failing to do the right due diligence could cost you hundreds of thousands down the line.

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Reduce spend on legal fees

This package enables you to ask all the questions that don't need to go to a lawyer charging by the hour. We help you work through all the required activities and documentation so you only pay for legal services when you need them.

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Get confident with your purchase

Reduce the anxiety of making an offer or going to auction by completing the tasks you need to to understand the value of the property and be confident in what you are willing to offer.

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Still wondering if you need this service or are ready to start?

Check out these frequently asked questions.

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I don’t want to spend on due-diligence

Due diligence is necessary to avoid buying a property that has issues that could end up costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Can I just ask the agent?

The agent is acting in the seller's best interests. They get a commission if you purchase the house.

We don’t have enough to spend on due diligence

You get cash back of a few thousand dollars when you take out your loan. Most people use this to pay for their due diligence.