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Slice Home Buyers Course

Intro to the course

The Home Ownership journey is one of the biggest journeys you will embark on. The misinformation makes it really hard to understand what you need to do and when you need support without wasting your precious time and money.

Join Amy Stevens, Founder and CEO of the Slice Property Platform as she breaks down everything you need to know to buy property. Amy has over 10 years experience in property law and property finance. She designed the Slice platform to reduce barriers to home ownership.

The first module gives and overview of the property journey and focuses in on Capital Gains vs Rental Yield to help you identify a good investment. The three modules that follow takie you through Finance and Budgeting, Doing your Research and Negotiating a good deal. You also get access to your personalised property software which comes with tutorial videos, quizzes and templates as well as the ability to build your team of property experts and work with them during and beyond the duration of the course.

The course includes 3 x one on one calls: one with Amy, one with a financial advisor and one with a lawyer. These calls will provide you with one on one support as you budget, consider the different types of property investment available to you and actually start on your buying journey.

We don't just educate you over the duration of the course and then leave you to it. You continue to work with us until you have successfully purchased your property.

The course fee is $1,199 (per person or group of purchasers). Book now at the special earlybird price of $300.

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What I will learn

  • How to buy your home
  • How to get your finances ready
  • Schemes that can help you increase what you have to spend
  • Different ownership structures
  • Different investment strategies i.e. capital vs rental yield and apartment
    vs freehold
  • How much a property is worth
  • How to do your research and make sure you choose the right property
  • How to build your property team
  • How to make a competitive offer
  • What’s happening in market today
  • Q&A
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What I will get

4 x pre-recorded modules focused on:
The principles of Property Investment, Finance and Budgeting, Doing your Research and Negotiating a good deal.
3 x one on one calls supporting you with budgeting, property investment strategies & structures.
One with Amy, one with a Financial Advisor and one with a Lawyer.
Access to your personalized dashboard with 8 x tutorial videos guiding you through the buying journey step by step.
2 x Quizzes, 3 x Templates (Capital Gains vs Rental Yield, Finances, Valuing a Property and Negotiating price - includes email and call scripts).
Access to your property team of experts (Slice Support, Broker, Lawyer, Builder, Accountant) during and after the course.
Access to current market insights via Slice EDMs and the Slice team.
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