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Own property sooner, smarter and safer with Slice. Free task management software guides you step by step.
We connect you with a team of experts and  reduce the time you spend working with brokers and lawyers, so you can pay less in fees!

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Free Home Buyers Software

The whole buying journey is overwhelming. People waste time and money trying to work out what is required.

Get access to our Home Buyers Software and you get a personalised dashboard that outlines all the tasks you need to complete when buying your home.

Save an average of one months worth of research and reduce time spent working with brokers and lawyers so you can pay less in fees.

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Buy with a smaller deposit

No need to wait until you have a 20% deposit or can manage repayments alone.

Slice brokers offer a free service where they compare all the banks to get you a home loan at the best rate they can achieve.

The Slice team help you pool your resources with your partner, friends, family or an investor to get into a home sooner.

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Did you know you need a lawyer to purchase property?

You need a lawyer to help with researching a property, withdrawing your kiwisaver and settling on your property.

A lawyer is assigned to tasks in your dashboard (the green tagged tasks). You save time and money by engaging your lawyer for the right tasks at the right time. No more hourly rates that continue to climb. Slice provides competitive fixed fees for your legal services (see pricing page).

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Protect your investment over time

Buying property with others can get a bit hairy. You need to get on the same page about how you will manage contributions and any changes over time.

Slice helps you protect your relationships by ensuring you are on the same page. We provide best-practice agreements to manage the risks when purchasing with a partner, family member or friend (See Service page for fixed fees). The whole process can actually strengthen your relationship by enabling a shared financial understanding.

Sign up free and begin making the decisions required to protect your relationship.

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Slice is on a journey to make home ownership more accessible

Everything you need to know in one simple dashboard

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Free Home Buyers Software guides you through your home buying journey one task at a time.
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Slice brokers compare & provide lending.
Slice supports with low deposit, co-ownership & other lending options.
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Build agreements from your dashboard to protect your relationship when buying with a partner, parent or friend.
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Slice lawyers support with property checks & settlement (final purchase) for competitive fixed fees.
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Connect & collaborate with your team (broker, lawyer, builder)  in real time from your dashboard.
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Our fees?
Slice is free to use. You can choose to pay for certain products offered on the platform (see Pricing page).
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"What you are doing is awesome! We couldn't have bought without Slice and we so appreciate the support you gave - what a result!"

Lou | Daughter

"Having Slice gave us both a lot of comfort.
It's given me a lot of peace knowing that when I go, my daughter will be happy and settled."

Jenny | Parent

"Being in a relationship we needed to manage and protect our contributions differently. Slice was the perfect objective tool to help us reach agreement."

Morgan & CHRIS | couple

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