Brokers First Home Buyers Platform

Collaborate directly with first home buyers and lawyers and reduce the time and stress that comes with pre-settlement and settlement activities.

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This is for brokers
  • Who are open to working with First Home Buyers
  • Interested in growing market share
  • Want to spend less time on low value activity, more time on building relationships
  • Want to automate processes without dedicating large amounts of time and money
  • Are open to co-creating a platform to better support their needs
What you achieve
  • Market positioning as a forward thinking financial provider
  • Brand recognition in a younger market providing for great long term value
  • A greater market share
  • Automated processes
  • Time back to reinvest in growth activities and building relationships
  • Reduced stress with buyers being educated before engagement
  • The co-creation of the future of home buying
What you get
  • Every broker will get 5+ new leads per month (minimum)
  • $50 credit towards legal services for your buyers
  • $50 cash back for every invited buyer (who buys a Home Buyers Package)
  • $50 cash back for every buyer who purchases our Home Buyers Course with your code
  • Workflow management tooling with due dates
  • Pre-populating document functionality
  • Collaboration tools with buyers and lawyers
  • Visibility over leads and where they are at in their journey - allowing for reactive & proactive engagement
  • Brand advertisement - Website, EDMs, Blogs and Podcast

Pain points

Large amounts of time spent on questions and providing generic support
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Incomplete overview of information  leads to urgency
i.e. last minute Kiwisaver Withdrawal
Challenges managing multiple interests i.e. co-owner agreements, guarantees
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Easily find Property documents

Doc management

  • Cloud storage
  • Property documents
  • Legal agreements
  • Version history
  • Prepopulating functionality for your  precedents  (In Development)
Connect with leads at the right time

Work flow

  • Work directly with buyers and lawyers in your shared customer workflow
  • Tracks activity across buyer, broker, bank & lawyer
  • Due dates & reminders
  • Visibility over lead state (warm, cold)
save time by outsourcing  education

Buyer Education

  • We educate buyers that aren't yet ready to transact
  • When you invite a buyer to work with our lawyers, you will get $50 cash back
  • Save time working with buyers at early stages and point them in the right direction to get clear on the end to end buying process

Join us today

Brokers Half Yearly


/ 6 months

Subscription provides access to:
5+ guaranteed warm leads per month
Support for existing buyers and Slice buyers
$50 Slice credit for your buyers towards legal services
$50 cash for you when you invite a buyer who transacts with Slice lawyers
$50 cash for you when a buyer purchases the Home Buyers Course with your code
Pre-populating documents
Document management
Advertisement on website, via social and eDMs
Workflow collaboration tools with buyers and lawyers
Visibility of lead warmth based on activity

Brokers Subscription (Reduced Price $300pm)
Brokers Yearly


/12 months

Monthly discount applied when paying annually upfront.

Brokers Subscription (Reduced Price $250pm)

Slice Software


See the impact we are having

"An issue for me has been the amount of time and support  buyers require before being ready to transact. With Slice buyers are supported and educated in advance so that I can focus on those ready to progress with preapproval."


"Prior to Slice I was always losing track of where a customer was in the buying journey or what property they were looking at. The worfklow tool gives me a quick oveview of where a buyer is at so I can easily pick up where we left off. "


"When I first signed up I had around 100 leads ready to work with. Leads are keen to engage on their property journey and I am able to focus on outreach rather than lead generation."