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Supporting you to make strong offers and bid at auction confidently.

Save thousands and avoid overpaying

Making the right offer and negotiating effectively can save you thousands of dollars.

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Avoid overpaying

Some of us aren't as comfortable holding our ground during a conversation. Slice supports you to avoid overpaying due to pressure from an agent or seller.

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Stop stressing about what to say

It's normal to get anxious when discussing money. We provide email, text and call templates that you can follow so you can save time worrying about what to say.

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Don’t want to spend more on making an offer?

You could save thousands more by making a confident offer.

Can I use a family friend?

Yes, but it is unlikely that they have the current market knowledge required to make a confident offer.

Can I use my lawyer?

Yes, though they don't always have access to the market data required to inform negotiations. They are also more costly.