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SLICE alternative finance

What we do

We work with a bunch of different providers (i.e. government) that contribute additional funds in order to increase the amount you have to spend.
In return our providers require repayments or an ownership share in your property which you can eventually buy from them.
Such schemes do not impact the way you use your property day to day.

Fixed fee of $200.

If we can't increase your lending you get your money back.

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Increase your borrowing by upto 200k

We work with a variety of schemes (government, co-ownership and others). We readily identify what opportunities you qualify for and take you through the relevant process explaining the impact of any additional lending.

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Get you on the ladder sooner

Many of our customers have been able to get on the property ladder sooner or spend more and get into a home better suited to their needs.

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Slice AlternatiVE Finance


We review your finances to identify all the different opportunities to increase your borrowing.
We explain the impact of these opportunities so you can make the decision that's right for you.

Get upto 200k extra lending

Some of the schemes enable you to get upto 200k in additional lending. However, it depends on your deposit and bank lending.

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Upto 15 years with no repayments

Some lending is without interest or repayments. Instead you can repurchase an ownership share after 15 years or at sale of your property. There are a variety of co-ownership schemes we can take you through with different terms.

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Get into a better home

Sometimes taking on a little more lending means you can buy something better suited to your needs or more likely to increase in value. We take you through your different lending options so you can get clear on what  you want buy.

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Still wondering if you need this service or are ready to start?

Check out these frequently asked questions.

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Can I apply direct with a scheme?

Yes, but it's super difficult and you can't complete the process without the support of your broker and lawyer. It's better to get your partners onboard from the beginning. Kainga Ora has extra requirements for the supporting broker and lawyer so you need partners that are familiar with the scheme and can guide you through the process. You can also end up wasting time and money considering schemes that don't suit your needs.

Can I learn about the scheme from the provider?

Yes, but unfortunately most scheme providers are not well equipped to educate or take you through all your options. They aren't able to educate you on the different criteria or impacts that come with the different schemes. We can help you compare all your options and consider how they might impact you.

Will additional lending make repayments harder?

Generally no. The majority of our schemes are co-ownership schemes where the provider takes an ownership share in your property and you repurchase this share within a period of time or when you sell the property. This doesn't affect the way you manage the property day to day and actually makes repayments easier to manage as you don't have to make repayments for their contribution.

I don't earn 150k can I apply?

Yes. There is no minimum amount you need to earn to apply for alternative finance. However, you will generally require a home loan as well and you are more likely to receive a home loan when you have over 60k in household income.