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What we do

You require a lawyer to help with property documents, transferring the funds and taking ownership of your property.

We connect you with our lawyers to help you do this.

Our  lawyers provide settlement services for a fixed fee of $1,499 + disbursements. Additional fixed fees can be viewed under our pricing page in your dashboard.

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Property Settlement

Add our lawyers details to the Sale and Purchase.
They manage the transfer of funds.
They transfer the Certificate of Title to your name.
They take you through the loan docs and register your mortgage.

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Meet the deadlines

There are requirements that have to be satisfied in your Sale and Purchase in order to officially become a homeowner and get ready to move in. Our lawyers are skilled at making sure everything runs smoothly and you satisfy your part of the deal.

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Slice Partner Lawyers


Our team of lawyers interact with our first home buyers software. They are able to view where you are at in your journey in real time and better support you as a result.

Fixed and competitive fees

Unfortunately, it is common for lawyers and conveyancers to charge by the hour or provide insufficient detail around their fees. Slice has negotiated competitive fixed fees with our lawyers specifically to ensure your experience is a  good one.

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Lawyers qualified to work with first home buyers

Our lawyers know how hard it is to be a first home buyer. They work with our platform because they want to help and they know our platform provides the best end to end service for buyers.

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No more chasing

The Slice team, our brokers and lawyers all work together. Our platform keeps all partners up to date with your journey and enables them to work together in real time. That way you don't have to keep chasing them. In fact they will know when you need their help before you can even ask for it.

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Still wondering if you need this service or are ready to start?

Check out these frequently asked questions.

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Can I use my own lawyer?

Yes, but our fixed fees are generally more competitive and our platform provides a fully supported experience. The Slice team, our brokers and our lawyers all work together as one team. Each partners is kept up to date with your journey and is working together in real time. The result? You save time and stress less trying to update partners yourself.

Can't the bank do this?

No, you require legal support to settle on your property and officially become a homeowner.

Can I use a conveyancer?

Yes, but a lot of customers have problems with conveyancers as they don’t have the same expertise when it comes to legal issues and that may arise relating to the home. If things go bad, they go really bad. You want the right support for a decision as important as this.