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Work out what you can borrow so you can make an offer with confidence.

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Work out what you can borrow so you can make an offer with confidence.

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Compare All Banks

Our brokers look at your finances and give an indication of what bank might suit you best and be able to provide you the best interest rate.

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Our team of brokers interact with our first home buyers software. They are able to view where you are at in your journey in real time and better support you as a result.

It's free

You can work with our brokers free of charge. We don't charge you and they charge the banks. There are no obligations to proceed with your application.

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Get the best lending and interest rate for you

Our brokers are very close to rate changes (often in advance of the banks publishing them). They are better equipped to compare the banks and negotiate the best rate on your behalf.

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No more chasing

The Slice team, our brokers and lawyers all work together. Our platform keeps all partners up to date with your journey and enables them to work together in real time.  That way you don't have to keep chasing them. In fact they will know when you need their help before you can even ask for it.

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Check out these frequently asked questions.

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Why not go to my bank?

We provide a view of all the banks giving you the ability to compare different lending and interest rate opportunities. Our partner brokers know the detail behind the rates so can negotiate on your behalf with knowledge and confidence.

I'm not ready to start the formal process

We can help you get clear on your finances and understand the formal process so you can engage when you feel ready.

I want to wait until I'm confident I can get finance

We can help you get confident with your finances free of charge. We won't submit any of your information to credit assessors or banks until you are ready to proceed.