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Enable you to build a co-ownership agreement that protects your investment and relationships.

Fixed fee of $1,000 to build you terms sheet.

Fixed fee of $750 per person for independent legal advice to sign your agreement.

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Protect your relationship

Purchasing property is a big commitment. Doing so with family or friends is a great idea if you want to get in sooner or buy something nicer, but it's important you make decisions upfront on how you will manage your investment to avoid dispute and protect your relationship down the line.

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Protect your investment

Buying a house is one of the biggest investments you make in your life. When buying with others it's important you both understand who is contributing what, how you expect to split ownership and ensure each owner is meeting thier obligations.

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Slice co-ownership


Our platform helps you make the decisions you need to avoid costly dispute down the line.

Fixed and competitive fee

Many co-owners spend upto $5,000 on an agreement. We provide a competitive fixed fee so you know what you're getting and can protect your self for a reasonable fee.

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Get your fair share and avoid costly dispute

There are no guarantees that you will end up with your ownership share without a legal agreement. Without an agreement you may end up in court spending thousands of dollars to get what's yours.

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Avoid argument and stress

Our co-owner tool prompts you to consider and make decisions now so you can avoid argument later. We help you consider your different contributions, living arrangements, what to do when someone wants to sell or if something goes wrong.

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Check out these frequently asked questions.

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Can I do this later?

There's no guarantee you will agree on the decisions you need to make so it's important to do this before you buy. If you have already bought you can still try and complete your agreement afterwards but it is more challenging.

They're family I can trust them.

If you value your relationship with the person you are purchasing with, the best thing you can do is make sure you are on the same page and comfortable with how you will manage the property. Getting an agreement is the most loving thing you can do because you are prioritising your relationship and making sure you avoid relationship breakdown.

We're going 50/50 do we need this?

Yes. Without an agreement there is no guarantee you will get your share no matter how you set up your contributions. You could end up in a costly legal dispute and even then the courts may not provide you with the result you want.