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Enable you to build a Contracting Out Agreement that protects your relationship and your personal property.

The Property (Relationships) Act 1976 dictates that Relationship Property be split 50/50 regardless of contributions unless you end up in court which can result in someone else deciding your share.
This approach no longer fit for purpose.

Fixed fee of $1,000 to build your terms.
Fixed fee of $1,250 per person for individual advice.

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Agree on what's fair

Why leave it to someone else to decide what's fair in your relationship? Agree up front on your contributions and ownership share.

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Protect your relationship

Getting on the same page with an agreement is the most loving thing you can do to protect your relationship. You are able to get clear on eachother's contributions and obligations which will actually help you avoid relationship breakdown.

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Slice Relationship Property


Protect your relationship and your investment.

Fixed and competitive fee

Many first home buyers spend $5,000 on a contracting out agreement. We are super passionate about providing access to these agreements so are pleased to offer them for a competitive fixed fee.

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Get your fair share and avoid costly dispute

There are no guarantees that you will end up with your ownership share without a legal agreement. Without an agreement you may end up in court spending thousands of dollars to get what's yours.

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Avoid arguments

Our platform prompts you to consider and make decisions now so you can avoid argument later. We help you consider your different contributions, living arrangements, what to do when someone wants to sell or if something goes wrong.

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Still wondering if you need this service or are ready to start?

Check out these frequently asked questions.

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Can I do this later?

There's no guarantee you will agree on the decisions you need to make so it's important to do this before you buy. If you failed to doso you can still try and complete your agreement afterwards but it is more challenging.

I don’t know how to bring this up with my partner?

Don’t worry we can help you position this as something to do to protect your relationship. Take a listen to our podcast episode and even share this with your partner to begin a conversation.

We're going 50/50 do we need this?

Yes. Without an agreement there is no guarantee you will get your share no matter how you set up your contributions. You could end up in a costly legal dispute and even then the courts may not provide you with the result you want.